Teal Gibson​

Hardworking. Detail Oriented. Kind.

Other than her love of sports and sunglasses (she never goes anywhere without her shades!), Chattanooga, Tennessee native Teal Gibson is passionate about design. She enjoys the challenge of creating innovative and functional spatial solutions for every project. The University of Tennessee graduate lucked out when she landed an internship with Inner Design and knowing a good thing when they see it, the company hired her as a staff designer. When Teal moved west for her husband Zane’s job, Inner Design wasn’t ready to lose her as a valuable team member, so she now telecommutes in from their unofficial satellite office in Odessa, Texas. When she’s not trying out restaurants in her new town, she’s playing with her miniature Labradoodle Barkley or rearranging the furniture…again. The University of Tennessee fan follows college basketball religiously and you can bet her March Madness bracket is stacked to win.