Pam Faulkner​

Motivator. Compassionate. Open-minded.

As one of Inner Design’s first employees, Pam Faulkner has been with the firm since two years after its founding and knows health care design like the back of her hand (or the back of her sketchpad). This patriotic mom of three boys has two sons in the Navy; Sheldon a nuclear engineer, Cole training in aviation computers and Briley a junior in high school.   She has completed more than 400 medical projects, including high-profile work with some of the most renowned professionals in the health care industry. Running around the office to get projects done comes naturally to Pam; she is an avid runner and enjoys working out. When she’s not at the office (or running), she can be found working outside in her yard, making plans to skydive or taking care of her family zoo. (We don’t mean her husband, Bill, and three sons. We’re referring to her six pets.)