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Inner Design Purchasing provides the products and furnishings you need on-budget and on time. We are a full- service purchasing company with access to a wide selection of manufacturers and vendors. Our attention to detail, strong vendor relationships, competitive pricing and organized project schedules ensures a seamless installation from start to finish.

Our ultimate goal is to save you time and make the procurement process easy. We tailor each project to meet the needs and demands of our clients by offering the following services:

  • Planning – Our team begins by assessing the client’s needs, and creating a plan to meet the brand, budget, and timeline.
  • Preparing specifications – Once the client has approved the furnishings, quantities, and plans, specifications are prepared and pricing is verified to confirm the budget will be met.
  • Managing the Purchasing Process – Approved specifications are provided to solicit bids. Once all bids are received and reviewed, a bid cost comparison with our recommendations are presented to the client.
  • Preparing Purchase Orders – Our team prepares final purchase orders on behalf of the client to awarded vendors. In addition, we track, receive, approve and submit all acknowledgments.
  • Delivery, Storage, Installation, and Placement – We supervise and coordinate a seamless installation and placement of furnishings to keep projects on schedule and meet the requirements for an operational start up. We also follow up on any repairs, replacements and additional items needed.
  • Invoicing – For efficient payment processing, we manage and offer a comprehensive review of all vendors.
  • Purchasing Close-Out – To finalize the procurement process, our team provides purchasing close-out documents with the final budget, vendor contact information, purchase order log and a room-by-room listing with photos of all procured furnishings.

We're so happy to formally introduce our new receptionist and design assistant, Gina Miller! Gina is already a key part of our family and we love her big ❤️ and sly sense of humor. She may not like being the center of attention, but that's when working with pushy.. ahem, assertive.. designers can come in handy!

Hometown: Nashville, TN
Favorite food: Mac and cheese
Work strengths: Helpful, conscientious, friendly
Dream destination: Any beach!
Ideal Saturday: Day trips with her husband
Favorite TV Shows: Chicago Med/ Fire/ PD, Big Bang Theory, Painting with Bob Ross
If all the rooms of your house had to be painted one color for the rest of your life, it would be: Grayish, but on the blue side
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Check out this awesome behind-the-scenes tour of Harris Regional Hospital's Emergency Department. Looking great! We love seeing everything come together. Kudos to Rachel for all of her hard work! ... See MoreSee Less

You've watched it grow from the outside, now enjoy this sneak peak into the inside of our new state-of-the-art emergency department at Harris Regional Hospital. The countdown is on for when we can begin caring for the community we love within these walls 💙

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